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At Plumb Financial Services, we do ‘Financial Advice’ the old-fashioned way.

Before we do anything, we sit down with you face to face and we have a chat. Mostly we listen to you, but we do ask some questions too, as we need to find out what your current position is and what your financial goals are. If we don’t know what your goals are, we can’t help you to achieve them. We will even talk to you about your hopes and dreams. (Achieving a goal is always good, but achieving a dream is something very special indeed).

After the initial meeting, we go away and undertake some research and carry out an in-depth analysis of your current position. Then we sit down in a quiet room for a bit to review all the information and think things through very carefully. Then and only then, we will arrange another meeting with you. At that meeting we will explain our findings in a clear no-nonsense way, ultimately giving you simple and straightforward advice on the best way to improve your position and move you closer to your goals and dreams. We won’t confuse you with figures and technical jargon, but we will explain everything to you in plain English.

Whilst a lot of our work involves using computers, we don’t let them run our business for us, or allow them to interrupt the natural flow of a client meeting. We use A4 writing pads and ink pens to take notes in client meetings – not a computer. We make eye contact with our clients when they speak to us – not with a laptop screen.

A key aspect of our service is our personal and flexible approach to working with clients. Whether you are a private client or a corporate client, we can meet with you at our offices in Baylham during business hours or at your own home or office at a time to suit you. (Although even if we do say it ourselves, the coffee at the Baylham office is really rather good).

We are not tied to any bank, building society or insurance company. We provide completely independent and impartial advice and we are totally motivated by the principle to ‘always act in the best interests of our clients’. So, if it isn’t good advice for you, then we won’t recommend it.

We are fee based, so you pay for our advice, not for the dubious privilege of being sold financial products that you don’t really need. We have a range of options on how we can be remunerated and we will explain those options to you at our first meeting. It is you who will decide how you prefer for us to be paid – not us.

Our service is very much an ongoing process. We hope to build a long-term relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect. We will work with you to monitor and adapt your financial planning to suit your changing lifestyle and family needs, or to keep pace with the demands of your business or company.

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